Health is One of the Most Relevant Elements for the Development of a Long and Qualitative Life.


The Importance of Taking Care of Your Health

Taking care of our health should be a priority during any stage of our life. This will help us to have an excellent quality of life for all levels and ages. Now I Want to show you a few easy understand Points about the importance of health and How to keep Healthy Life Style Routine.


Exercise regularly, do not consume toxic or addictive substances such as tobacco, alcohol or any type of drug too often. and perform regular medical check-ups to prevent or control possible complications is •Key For Healthy Life…


In everyday life, we must have Adequate Food, which does not consist in consuming a certain amount of food per day, but they provide the perfect balance in order to achieve the Nutritional Values that our body needs to face all our daily activities, Calories Needed for our activities.




Self-control responds to the rational capacity of a human being who is able to reflect on his desires and actions with arguments. Self-control is a virtue that shows wisdom, for this reason, it is more common for a person to have greater control over himself in all kinds of situations when he already has an age and practical experience.

“When a person does not have self-control he loses his nerves to a situation and reacts in an unpredictable way”.

“Health is a State of complete Physical, Mental and Social well- being, not only the absence of illness or disease, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its constitution approved in 1948”!…. Read More

“Element of physical health over which we have greater control. This includes our diet, emotional health, physical activity level, and our behavior”.

“There are things we can change about our lifestyle to help our body stay healthy. Tobacco use is a problem for many people. Smoking cessation is a major behavioral change. Your health plan may offer a tobacco cessation program. Learn more about healthy living”.

“Self-control means having the ability to control emotions, feelings, and desires in order to gain a greater benefit in the future. Self-control is the fruit of a high degree of inner freedom in a mature person, who truly knows himself and is happy”.

“Self-control responds to the rational capacity of a human being who is able to reflect on his desires and actions with arguments. In the absence of self-control, a person is guided by pure impulse and shortly after, repents of having acted in a certain way since when a person acts under the effect of anger does not have an objective view of reality”.

  • Remember that it does not matter what you Do, How healthy you trying to be, or want to live your life the way you want if you are not Happy, It  Will be Hard to success;  Enjoy , Be happy, Help Others and Do Good Things for Life.