2016 came to an end. A very good year for some; Perhaps regulate for others; Even very bad for someone else. However, in order to be able to determine it, you must first check your goal balance achieved. Only in this way will you discover your effectiveness rate and then determine with certainty whether 2016 was good, fair or bad.
Whatever the outcome, you must always have a positive vision and seek to both consolidate the goals achieved and draw new ones – ideally, more ambitious. Do you think it’s a complicated or impossible task? Take advantage of the start of a new year to define what you want to achieve during 2017; Sets dates and, above all, identifies in which you must work or which allies add to reach where you propose it.
Therefore, my desire and recommendation for you is to keep your spirit to find new areas of opportunity. That the external conditions -adverse or difficult- do not undermine your desire to transcend and positively impact the country’s economy. Remember that in your hands is not only creating businesses that transcend, but generate wealth that benefits society and the environment.
Remember the you Are Unique and you are the Best!